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An Amazing Fitness Machine For This Christmas

We always over think what gift can be the best for Christmas and usually Christmas and fitness are two words that don’t usually go together . But here is one healthy gift that will make happy your partner and just in the right time to start one of the goals that everyone put in New Year. People nowadays tend to always be in a hurry. Whether it be going to work or simply going out with friends, it seems as though people do all of these without the leisure of time. This is because we live in a world where time is always of the essence. The activities that we can do in a day are limited only by time.

The important things in life are oftentimes neglected by the pursuit of a moment’s enjoyment. Exercise is one of these things. People tend to neglect exercise simply because they are busy doing other things. Work, study, and socializing leave no more time for exercise. To make up for it, home-based exercise machines were introduced. These machines allow people to exercise at the comfort of their own homes. These machines completely eliminate the need of having to go to the gym in order to have a good workout. One example of these machines is the Smooth Fitness Agile DMT-X2.

Product Features

The Fitness Agile DMT-X2 is an elliptical trainer that aims to exercise multiple muscle groups in the body. It has several features which not only aims to provide comfort during exercise but also allows the user to change the exercise program to his needs. The first feature is the adjustable elliptical motion. This feature enhances movement which in turn enhances the range and usage of the muscle groups leading to a better and fuller workout. This feature also allows the users to customize their range of motion as well as workout intensity. The next feature is the thumb control system. This patented feature allows users to immediately change their settings with a swipe of their thumb on the infrared sensor. There are also magnetic brakes present which help in having smoother transitions between the varying intensities. The magnetic brakes also allow smooth stops even when doing very intense workouts.

The machine has ergonomic foot pedals for added comfort and protection against injury. The foot pedals reduce fatigue and discomfort. They were designed in such a way to allow maximum exertion of force and to remove any resistance coming from the pedals. A wireless heart monitor is also present. This feature constantly monitors the heart rate and adjusts the intensity of the workout to maintain the heart rate within the range specified by the user. An LCD display as well as an iPod docking station is also installed for better workouts. There is also a built in fan which cools the user during the workout. Finally, there are transport wheels installed for easier storage or transport.Smooth Fitness Agile DMT-X2 Elliptical Trainer

Effects on Weight Loss

The elliptical trainer DMT-X2 is a very good weight loss equipment because it focuses on maintaining longer workouts with minor emphasis on muscle growth. It does this by using the movable handlebars in granting a full range of motion with every workout. Many muscle groups are simultaneously used meaning that the body burns a large amount of calories during each workout. There are many pre-set fitness programs installed and users can even customize their own fitness program. This is particularly useful since it allows beginners to use the machine. This machine also allows users to customize their stride length. Stride length refers to the length between each step. Customization of the stride length gives users the comfort of exercising within their own pace. Whether it be walking, brisk walking, jogging, or running, this machine is capable of doing them all.

All of the features found on this machine aim in keeping the body healthy, fit, and lean. This machine can be considered to be the combination of multiple cardiovascular equipment because of its features. Multiple muscle groups are simultaneously trained and the heart rate monitor constantly maintains the heart rate within the desired range. These ensure that the full workout is attained each time the machine is used. These also ensure that the fitness goals are achieved with every workout.


The Agile DMT-X2 comes at a price of $1,799.00. Considering the features that this machine has, the price is definitely a bargain. Imagine having an exercise equipment which doubles as a fitness trainer and you will get the Smooth Fitness Agile as a result. The effects that this machine has on the body can be seen both on paper and from the numerous testimonials that this product already has. The warranty that comes with the purchase of this product makes this product more of a bargain. A lifetime warranty is given on the frame and braking system, a 7 years warranty is given on all parts including the electronics, and a 2 years home labour is given for free. Considering all of these, it is as though you have bought a machine that could remain as fully functioning as a brand new model for up to 7 years.

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