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Big Hugs Elmo and Why Kid’s Love

Christmas time is Elmo time. The lovable red monster from Sesame Street has been one of the most popular gifts, having a falsetto voice who gave joy to millions of toddlers who had seen the television show. He was described as having big eyes and a big grin. In 1996, this doll was created becoming a fad toy.

Each year’s Elmo is a different interactive incarnation. This time Playskool’s Big Hug’s Elmo is a favorite toy that loves giving hugs and getting them back. When you give him a hug, he will hug back, sing sweet songs about hugs, and say funny phrases. Toddlers can pretend along while playing with him, sing, nap, cuddle and dance while he sings. He will also invite children to play with him. There are different ways of playing with the toy.

elmo-hug-meUpon pressing his foot, he invites children to join in one of its four imagination activities; a rabbit, an astronaut, horse or frog.  He has over fifty animated sounds as well as phrases like, “Let’s pretend we are rabbits!”, “Move with the beat “. When children lie it down, he sings a lullaby, makes sleep sound effects, and becomes sleepy.

This plush sesame street toy will encourage children to play in a new way, and will help them reach their fullest potential through holistic child learning. It keeps preschoolers entertained, while inviting them to sing, cuddle, and move as they explore and learn the ABC’s, shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

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Clients say it is a cuddly, big and welcoming toy, perfect for preschool children in their early years, when they need a friend especially on bad days. It is soft and durable; its Muppet fur makes it huggable and has a cute personality. The toy’s varieties of positive sayings are excellent for kids who are just beginning to master their language skills and those who are just developing sentences.

One of its favorite features is its sleep mode. It can make any child feel excited to sleep while holding a snoring doll, and after hearing it sing a bedtime song.

The toy requires the need for batteries to give it life and is a little bit heavy. It must also be treated with care in order to have a long life. It makes for a perfect Christmas or birthday gift. Discover the imagination and fun your toddler can have with this awesome toy. Some customers love to recommend it to relatives and friends because it makes a very good investment.

Playing with the doll is like a playtime family date. It can bring kids together. It can promote happiness and love among kids. It can make any child sing and dance with it and totally have fun. This toy will surely be one of the best ways to get into a kid’s heart.

See your child hug, dance and sing and imagine with this toy. It can surely make your kid smile and brim with positivity. It will remind your child that a hug can always be found when he needs it. The toy’s muppety big grin is especially cute that after a long day’s work, you can also see yourself giving him a precious hug.

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