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Guide to Handing Her the Right Handbag

It’s no secret that one of women’s great loves in life is their handbags. When choosing the right gift for your girlfriend, wife, or any woman in general a nice handbag is always a safe pick. A handbag for Christmas or a birthday makes the perfect gift. But the safety of this decision can be challenged without careful consideration. Every woman has her own personal taste and that is especially shown through the handbag that she carries around. By getting a handbag for her  that she wouldn’t pick out for herself it shows that either you don’t know her as well as you should or that you didn’t take enough care in selecting a gift.

What women love most about handbags is the way they accentuate what they wear. Typically, women don’t choose ones that are so unique that they won’t match any of their outfits. So before purchasing  anything, knowing the style that dominates her closet is the most useful information on what handbag would be the best fit.

If her style is more casual then the perfect handbag for her is a crossover. Casually dressed women love to wear simple t-shirts matched with jeans and stylish, yet snug shoes. Always on the go, they like    their clothes to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. They expect their handbags to offer them the same. A crossover handbag offers a lot of pocket space for anything that she might carry on a day to day basis while also having thick straps so as not to add excessive pain to her shoulders. Most crossovers are made of leather which makes them more durable, which is something a casual dresser will appreciate. Coach is a brand that sells a variety of these loveable handbags. Choosing one in a neutral color will make the bag more wearable with her everyday attire.LeSportsac Classic Hobo Black

If she likes to dress up and go to formal events the handbag that she’ll love is a clutch. These elegant purses are a must-have for every socialite. Not much can fit into a small, rectangular clutch, but matching it with the right dress and heels will make her attire pop. The brand that creates great clutches for the social butterfly is BCBG. Getting one in her favorite color will show that you not only realize her interests, but also take notice of what makes her look good.

Trendy women whose style changes with the weather will enjoy the versatility of a hobo handbag. Hobo handbags can be carried to work, out on dates, and at different social gatherings and still be considered suitable. Jerome Dreyfuss offers a unique variety of hobo bags. Picking one in a bright color will add to the boldness of the trendsetter’s wardrobe.

For the stylish mom who has little ones running around a tote is the perfect handbag. They are large in size and can hold all of her possessions as well as the extra diapers and toys she might carry around with her. Whether she’ll use it as a purse or a diaper bag, this handbag will come in handy for any mom that’s on the go. Guess is the brand that makes the top-quality totes that will last with the many uses that this handbag will have.

A Birkin bag is a must-have for the business woman. These handbags will go perfectly with the suits that she wears for work. Getting her one of these elusive bags is a sure sign that you care about her and her career. Choosing a neutral color like beige, white, black or gray will make the bag more acceptable when she carries it with her to the office or out to meetings.

There are numerous stores that sell these handbags at a great quality for sensible prices. Online stores tend to be more serviceable. Amazon is one of them. When buying from Amazon you’ll get the best deals for the product. Amazon also has great discount and free shipping opportunities. Macy’s is a department store that offers reasonably priced handbags. If you’re getting a handbag for her for Christmas Macy’s will have the largest selection and the lowest prices.

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