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Jewelry Ideas That Will Warm Her Heart this Christmas

All women, young or mature, are always thrilled to receive a piece of jewelry as a gift.  Such a gift shows that the recipient is special to the giver.  Because a piece of jewelry is expensive, a person of average income must make sacrifices to be able to buy one and give it to his dear one. One can say that giving jewelry is a way of sharing a bit of one’s self to the receiver.  That thought alone will warm the heart of the dear one.  If the jewelry is exquisite, then the giver and the moment when it was given will forever be etched in her heart.

Christmas is one occasion when a man gives jewelry to the woman he loves.  But what kind of jewelry will make her feel extra special?  Here are some great jewelry ideas for Christmas.

you hold my heart foreverWhat can be a better gift to a woman than an open heart sterling silver pendant with the words ‘You hold my heart forever’ inscribed in it.  Naturally, this comes with a necklace which her special someone- the giver- can put around her neck while whispering the inscriptions or other such words of endearment in her ear.

A sterling silver jewellery is not made of pure silver. Pure silver is a soft metal.  It cannot be fashioned to make solid objects like jewelry.  However, it was found out, that silver when mixed with another metal, usually copper, turns hard and can be shaped into objects. Jewelry made of this combination of metals lasts longer while retaining its sparkle.  So a gift of jewelry that is made of sterling silver can symbolize enduring love.

Moreover, this type of jewelry is not as expensive as the one made of other metals like gold.  But it also shines and is almost as valuable. And it matches almost any outfit. This is certainly an idea for Christmas which will make the heart of your lady beat with love for you.

Sterling silver jewellery is subject to tarnish when it comes in contact with air because of its copper component.  It is up to the receiver to take care of it to keep its shine just as she must take care of the love of the giver so that it will not tarnish. When one purchases this kind of jewelry it usually comes with a box where it can be kept when not in use to keep its glow.

Another idea for Christmas in jewellery that will greatly please your special someone is jewelry made of gold.  This is a welcome gift for anyone.  Its lustre attracts women since time immemorial.  It continues to do so. And since gold is malleable it can be shaped into different designs.

In order to make it special, the gold jewelry that you give your special someone must be designed exquisitely. A ring made of 10 karat gold with seven diamond stones fits such requirement.  The gold comes either in white or yellow.  The sellers of the jewelry assure buyer that the diamond stones used in the ring did not come from areas that are in conflict with each other.

The diamond is the hardest substance on earth and is said to be the most valuable. It cannot be broken easily.  If you give a jewelry made of diamond, it may be taken to mean that your love for the receiver cannot be broken easily and will last forever.  Moreover, it can communicate the idea that she is as valuable as the gem itself. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through diamonds.

In addition to the sentiment, gold and diamond jewelry are also good investments.  They appeal both to the emotion and practicality.  So if a man gives her lady love a jewellery of this kind, he assures not only his love for her but also insures her future.         

The combination of gold and diamonds in a jewelry is irresistible and a great jewelry idea for Christmas. Giving such to your special someone will surely make her Christmas with you memorable.

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These are just some ideas for this Christmas that one can give to someone special.  These will certainly be treasured by her.

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