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Apple has dominated the tablet market using iPad. Ipad is a gadget that can help you perform a wide array of personal computer functions without using the bulky device itself. With iPad’s famous interactivity, Apple was able to monopolize the market and make the customers ask for more.

This monopoly may come to an end with the emergence of various tablet versions that are designed and developed by Apple’s competitors. Like the iPad, these gadgets are promising in most of the respects that iPad was able to enjoy for the last few years. The wide variety of tablets available to the users is one of the possible threats that the company has to overcome to be successful in their endeavour. These tablets vary in terms of sizes, prices, and the range of functions that they can offer at a time.

Small Tablets

The iPad mini is a device that is highly identical to its conventional counterpart. This has been popularized by BlackBerry PlayBook and Amazon Fire. Like its large counterpart, you may also install a wide array of useful applications that can help make most of your online and offline tasks easier.

Reportedly, the late Apple CEO has discouraged the development of this product because it is impractical for regular use. In fact, Steve Jobs even mentioned that the clients need to make their fingers smaller just to make the most out of using this product. While some claim that the seven-inch gadget is not innovative, some of them asserted that it is far better than the original.

The small version of the conventional gadget has received mixed reactions from both the experts and the target market. According to some clients who have tried out this product, they found it quite impractical to purchase this because this is no different from its predecessors, application-wise and innovation-wise.

On the other hand, some of the tablet enthusiasts find this device helpful because this is compact. The small size and the light weight of this gadget are perfect qualities that enable the user to bring and store this device almost anywhere. This also enables the user to gain easier access to electronic books without downloading the main file through a personal computer. Another quality that has made this device endearing to the clients is the fact that these smaller gadgets are more affordable than their larger predecessors.

playbook blackberryThe PlayBook is considered as one of the cheapest small tablets in the market today. The 32-gigabyte version reportedly costs around 100 dollars to 180 dollars. Despite the relatively low cost of the PlayBook, some of the clients who have already tried out this product stressed out that this is not user-friendly. Moreover, they pointed out that only a short list of applications are available for installation. The main highlights of this device, though, are the ease in reading electronic books and browsing through the internet, to say the least. In this regard, this may be considered a product that is worth the price.

NexuThe Nexus 7, on the other hand, is considered as one of the best small tablets that are available in the tablet market. This Android-based baby is created and developed by Google. This 32-gigabyte device costs around 200 dollars. For a small device with considerable potential, this is more that 50 percent affordable than its conventional regular-sized counterpart. One of the speculations that market analysts look into is the possibility of threatening Apple by offering a promising device with nearly identical features. Overall, Nexus 7 is a cheap buy that is more than worth the price.

With devices like these, Apple should go through great lengths to hold their ground in the tablet industry. One of the most apparent threats that they have to overcome is the relatively low price of the competitors’ products. Aside from the low cost of the products, this company has to take note of the newly-released tablets because they can surpass the features that the iPad currently has.

Conventional Tablets

The iPad is a 16-gigabyte device that is worth around 500 dollars. For the 64-gigabyte version, it costs around 800 dollars to 850 dollars. Both of these Apple gadgets can access the internet through its built-in Wi-Fi mechanism. Aside from this online mechanism, this device boasts of the wide array of available high-quality applications for installation.

If you are not interested with these products, you may try out Nexus 10. Like the Nexus 7, Google manufactured this product. So far, the most affordable Nexus costs around 400 dollars.

Other Consideration

If you plan on purchasing tablets that are worth less than a hundred dollars, you are highly discouraged to do so. You have a great risk of obtaining a product with standards that are definitely not at par with the mainstreamed products. In other words, they are not considered as great buys that are worth your buck.

Choosing the appropriate tablet for you is important because you will be using that device for the longest time. The device does not necessarily have to be one of the Apple products. More important than that is the reason that you want to purchase the gadget.

If you want to try out other tablets aside from Apple-generated ones, you may want to give the big box store a visit. This store houses a large range of tablet types that you can freely examine. You may even try out these products to see if it will meet your expectations.

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