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Now that the season of gift-giving is upon us once again, people are surely now in a mad rush to get special presents for their loved ones. While it is definitely easier to shop for generic gift items (i.e. mugs, shirts, home décor, etc.), your loved ones would definitely appreciate it more if you put some effort into your choices. So if you know what it is that they want or need the most is it would be so much better if you get it for them.

If you know someone who is into collecting train sets—say, your brother or your significant other—here is an excellent gift suggestion for you. The Lionel Trains Polar Express is now here to add to your loved one’s collection. This train set can provide great joy not just to collectors but also to young children—in fact, the set is modeled for children who are at least eight years of age. For those who are intending to give this set to children who are below eight, parental supervision might be needed.

The Trains Polar Express is a gorgeous, intricately-designed set made of plastic. Also, just like real trains, it has operating headlights and puffing smoke. The process of assembling and setting up can also serve as a great bonding experience for the family—according to reviews, it is relatively easy to put the parts together, although some of the instructions found in the set can prove to be vague and confusing for some people. Also, it works without the use of batteries—instead, you have to charge them prior to using. And lastly, the train set can be quite heavy for kids—it weighs 27 lbs—so it would be better if a supervising adult is there to help the kids get used to the set.

So why should you purchase The Lionel Trains Polar Express? Well if you (or your loved one) are a big fan of intricate detail, then this set is just perfect for you. The designers of Lionel Trains has seen to it that the set is as close to reality as possible, what will all the puffing smoke, blinking lights, and steam sounds that it has got to offer. And if you are not quite satisfied with the rail tracks’ length, you can extend it by buying additional tracks.

Lionel Trains Polar Express Another reason why you should buy this set is that it serves as a great bonding experience. As was mentioned earlier, the assembling and setting up procedure is a whole new learning experience for everyone involved. In the process, you get to share stories and laughter with your family and loved ones. You can even pitch ideas on how to set up the train set. With Lionel Trains, you don’t just get to practice your mechanical skills; you also get to spend quality time with your loved ones—something that you are surely going to cherish for as long as you live.

Lastly, The Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set was given high ratings by previous buyers. According to some customer reviews, the said train set is indeed heavy but its efficient engine functions more than made up for its bulk and weight. And not only is it durable and fun to use, it is also educational. More than the technical skills, children also learn the value of responsibility because with this gorgeous set, kids feel more compelled to take care of it.

Since this set was designed after the book—which was eventually adapted to film—“Polar Express,” this set also perfectly complements the aforementioned works. You can set up this train while reading the story and/or watching the film with your kids. A great atmosphere certainly makes for a most memorable holiday.

For those who want to purchase this set online, you can get this for around $263.99 up to $379.99, click here depending on the dealer—you can purchase either a brand new set or a secondhand one. So if you want to share some love and joy to your friends and family this holiday season, hesitate no more and buy The Lionel Trains Polar Express train set today.

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