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What Is The Best Xmas Gift For Him Than a HDTV

A great movie or tv show is best enjoyed through a great television. Why settle for low quality or substandard ones when you can have a television that will not only provide you with high definition images but is also equipped with the latest technological advancements specifically designed for your comfort, convenience and maximum viewing experience?

Recently, one of the big names in the technological industry, LG, has launched the LG Smart LED TV 55Lb7200,a 55-inch television that could be watched with 3d glasses! Gone are those days that you have to line up behind people on the cinemas to watch movies in 3d, you could now do it at the comforts of your living room right in your own homes. Not only will this be an exceptional experience for the whole family, but also for your relatives and guests as well.

This latest innovation in technology, the LG Infinia, has a flicker free ability and is great for wide angle viewing. The LG Smart LED TV 55Lb7200 also includes Two Pairs of Battery Free Passive 3D Glasses to ensure a great 3d experience; the glasses are lightweight and free of battery so no more worries of recharging them. Another is that the Smart TV feature of this Smart TV allows unlimited content of several movies, app, and videos that could be accessed on a user friendly interface.

LG Electronics 55LB7200 55-Inch 1080pIn addition, since most of the movies today come in the 2d format, these will be further enhanced with the 2d to 3d conversion feature of the LG Smart LED TV. Also, the LED  backlight technology of this amazing Smart TV has immense control on the brightness and local dimming that could be adjusted for a better contrast and color of the images. Another great feature is the 240Hz technology that enables high-speed action without the blur. This is great when watching sports, video games, and action-packed movies. This Smart TV also has the 1080p Full HD feature designed for superior image quality that is definitely beyond the normal HDTV.

With its immense size, it could even feel like having a home theatre system. When connected with an internet access, this amazing Smart TV could even be used to view online content. It is also compatible with wifi connection so you can now forget about those tangled wires all over the floor.

Despite all its amazing features and advance technological capabilities, the  LG Smart LED TV remains an ENERGY STAR product which means it still adheres to the strict energy efficiency guidelines set bu the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Department of Energy. It is designed to save energy even on active and standby modes. Most appliances that have the ENERGY STAR accreditation save 30% less energy compared to other appliances.

For the man of the house, imagine watching a football game on a 55-inch high definition television with four pairs of 3d glasses over cans of beers and chips. His friends would definitely love him for it. Mom on the other hand would be able to enjoy all her classic romantic movies as well as her tv shoes in exceptional quality while she stays at home. This is also great for the young adults on the house, especially while playing his favorite video games. The daughter on the contrary could giggle as much as she wants while watching a hot young man proclaim his love for a young actress on romantic tv shows. Little kids will also forever remember the experience of watching animated cartoons on 3d!

Lastly, the sleek and contemporary design of the LG Smart LED TV 55Lb7500 will make it fit perfectly and handsomely on any living room or even bedroom. It could also be placed on the entertainment area of the house where everyone could watch a great movie and just have one amazing time.

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